Online Database

for intonational phrasing in Romance

The RLD is an output of the Intonational Phrasing in Romance Project and of the SILC Project (PTDC/LIN/66202/2006). The extended version is developed within the InAPoP Project (PTDC/CLE-LIN/119787/2010).

It is a read speech comparable database initially created for Catalan, Portuguese and Spanish, consisting of sentences with the order Subject-Verb-Object. It includes several conditions, such as constituent length in number of syllables, syntactic complexity and prosodic branchingness. Therefore, it allows a direct comparison among the languages/varieties at stake with regard to intonational phrasing tendencies for each of these conditions.

A detailed description of the corpus can be found in Elordieta, Frota, Prieto & Vigário (2003) and in Elordieta, Frota & Vigário (2005). The RLD contains both soundfiles and labelled files for intonational phrasing analysis.

We gratefully acknowledge the collaboration of the researchers involved in the Intonational Phrasing in Romance Project and in the SILC Project, who have contributed with their data: Pilar Prieto (Catalan), Gorka Elordieta (Spanish) and Flaviane Fernandes-Svartman (Brazilian Portuguese).

RLD (version 1.0) Copyright © 2011

RLD (extended version) 2012-2014

ISBN: 978-989-95713-3-4

Frota, S., M. Cruz & M. Vigário. Laboratório de Fonética (CLUL), Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

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FCT Universidade de Lisboa CLUL Laboratório de Fonética